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Breuning stories

Anna and Antonio

How and when did you get engaged?

Anna: It was a Thursday. I had a pretty stressful day and was looking forward to a quiet evening. When I got home that night, there was a line of tea lights leading to the living room. That's where a picnic blanket was spread out. Antonio was just about to open a bottle of Champagne.

Antonio: At that point you probably knew what I was up to.

Breuning stories

Katja and Jan

How did the two of you get engaged?

Jan: We got engaged at Walchensee. That's where we wanted to enjoy the last few nice summer days. What Katja didn't know: I have been wanting to ask her to be my wife. Everything was well planned in detail. The idea was to go swimming in the lake. Then I would ask her: what is glittering down there? I dive down, come back up and have the ring in my hand. That was the idea.

Breuning stories

Natascha and Sven

How was your engagement?

Natascha: Sven gave me a weekend in Paris for my birthday. He picked a small hotel at Montmartre for us. The first night, we were strolling through the alleys and finally ended up at Place du Tertre – which was not by chance, as it would turn out.


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Engagements around the world

Also true when you get engaged: when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Many countries have similar engagement traditions: It's all about a woman, a man, an engagement ring and the big question. But the traditions around the globe can still vary greatly.

In Poland, the engagement party serves to prepare the wedding. The couple, their parents, the best man and bridesmaid get together to discuss the wedding in detail over a festive dinner. The bride to be is given the ring during this event.


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