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Breuning stories

Ben and Eva

You got married in the Maldives, right?

Eva: Yes, we did. In Kuramathi, to be exact. I should mention that we actually got married at a civil registry in Germany prior to departure. For one to have our parents present, and secondly because the Maldivian wedding ceremony is not officially recognized in Germany.

Ben: But we wanted to have our ceremony in a special place and have a very private experience. The Maldives were perfect for that.

Breuning stories

Sophie and Robin

Sophia and Robin, tell us about your wedding:

Sophie: Our wedding was amazing! I'm one of those women who started fantasizing about their wedding at a young age. When I was 15, I started cutting out pictures of wedding dresses and locations and collected them in a book.

Breuning stories

Meena and Valentin

Was there an unexpected event at your wedding?

Meena: Yes, you could certainly say that!

Valentin: Meena and I organized a small Champagne reception for the guests after the wedding at the registry office. Besides Meena's parents and the registrar, nobody had a clue that I had a very special surprise up my sleeve for my bride with Indian roots.


Worldwide Wedding

Wedding traditions around the world:

All my colors are green, green and more green? Not in Scotland. Least not on your wedding day. Superstition has it that the color green puts elves in a bad mood. So green garments as well as green vegetables or salad are out of the picture.