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Breuning expertise

Wearable communication

What drives us to wear jewelry? 98,000 years – That's how old a simple necklace made of snail pearls is – probably the oldest handmade piece of jewelry ever found in the history of mankind. If you include tattooing or bodypainting, the history of adorning the human body goes back even further.

Breuning gemstones

As multi-facetted as life itself

Only real stones are as unique as the people who wear them. Each stone has its own story. It starts as a small crystal deep in the hot part of earth's crust, and it often takes many millions of years for it to grow and for geological processes to make it accessible. This fact and the effort and luck it takes to find and retrieve this treasure is that makes gemstones so valuable.

Breuning inspiration

Combined sparkle shines brighter

When the right two people find each other, it can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Something similar happens when the right pieces of jewelry are combined: a harmonious unit is created that says more about the person wearing it than any individual piece could.

Breuning live

Expert advice

Visit one of our exclusive partner jewelers and experience the excitement of wearing Breuning jewelry for yourself. The jeweler can help you find the perfect jewelry for you: from individual configuration through to the timely delivery on your preferred date. And of course they will also take care of all after-sales services, such as cleaning and modifications.